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Art Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Craftsmanship Review - Essay Example The greater part of the impressions are in inverse ways or covering and intersection one another. The foundation has been additionally ornamented with beautiful squares and roundabout structures in brilliant blue, orange, green and yellow shades. The bigger impressions are primarily in darker shades of blacks and grays while the littler ones are overwhelmed with more splendid shades of orange and yellow. The work of art has been utilized as a similitude for Africa. The converge of splendid, lively hues is utilized to speak to the political conflicts and shakiness in Africa. The craftsman has utilized two divided canvases which have impression plans in various ways, crossing one another or a similar way. This is a representation for the clashing plans and belief systems of the African individuals and the two canvases speak to the fracture of the mainland based on governmental issues, culture and social plans. Isichei clarifies that the work of art is a portrayal of the continent’s precariousness which has handicapped them from finding their excellent land and capitulating to opposing thoughts, plans and political anarchy, misusing their delightful land. The work of art caught my eye at the Denver Art Mueseum on account of its strength and dynamic showcase. The excellence of the craftsmanship lies in its effortlessness to pass on a social or an individual thought, yet in an outwardly appealing way. As yet Searching by Romanus Isichei showed up as an engaging presentation on the divider, shouting for consideration with its vivacious hues and straightforwardness. To speak to the African unsteadiness just with the intersection impressions out of sight of differentiating conceals is to be sure a wonder in itself. I have consistently wanted to play with various differentiating brilliant hues and works of art that utilization them in a keen way to communicate emotions and significance, consistently interests me. I watch the compositions in Denver Art Museum that attempt to connect with the spectator with

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Postmodern Frame Essay †Text in Art Essay

The utilization of text inside to the visual expressions can be followed back the extent that the recorded carvings found on cavern dividers made by the Indigenous populace of Australia roughly 46000 years prior. Be that as it may, in the course of recent years, the utilization of text in workmanship, otherwise called the craft of typography, has become a successive methods for correspondence for specialists in the making of their works. Text inside workmanship can be anticipated, scribbled, painted, electronic and cut to the point that a work might be made of only language. The craft of typography is the strategy of organizing type so that makes language noticeable. It regards textual styles as individual substances to be delighted in by the crowd. A few specialists manage language as a character all alone rather than a surface to draw upon. These craftsmen place messages in manners that are expected to animate the manner in which a group of people sees a work, to inspire feeling or to make an announcement. Be that as it may, others, especially visual fashioners, will in general spotlight on the beautifying forces of text. Despite the artist’s expectations, the presence of text inside craftsmanship can move our valuation for their sound and importance. Specialists that investigate text in workmanship include: Barbara Kruger, Yukinori Yanagi, Katarzyna Kozyra, Jenny Holzer, Wenda Gu, Shirin Neshat, Miriam Stannage, Colin McCahon and Jenny Watson. Specialists, for example, Jenny Holzer, Wenda Gu and Shirin Neshat investigate the social ramifications of language in craftsmanship and the significance of language to personality through the consideration of text that mirror a postmodern worry with the manner in which we get data in our contemporary society. Jenny Holzer is an American theoretical craftsman who has a place with the women's activist part of specialists that developed during the 1980’s. Initially a theoretical painter and printmaker, Holzer turned out to be intense ly keen on calculated workmanship and started making works utilizing text. The presentation of text inside Holzer’s work happened continuously be that as it may, after some time, they have altogether supplanted pictures. These works are normally shown in broadly seen, open regions. Holzer’s works ordinarily manage the possibility of correspondence. She is exceptionally mindful of the intensity of words and the intensity of the media and in this manner has an emphasis on the capacity of language to contort or control facts. â€Å"I was attracted to composing since it was conceivable to be express about things. On the off chance that you have critical issues, consuming issues, it’s great to state precisely what’s good and bad about them, and afterward maybe to show a way that things would benefit from outside assistance. Along these lines, it appeared to bode well to compose on the grounds that then you could simply say it†¦ no work of art appeared to be great. Specifically, I didn’t need to be a story painter, which p erhaps would have been one answer for somebody needing to be explicit.† †Jenny Holzer. Using text in workmanship, Holzer can transmit ground-breaking ecological, social and political messages that uncover convictions and legends and show inclinations and irregularities that feature her social and individual worries of today’s contemporary society. Holzer’s works are facing and provocative and motivate us to make changes. They cause us to recollect that language isn't generally a real explanation; it tends to be valid or bogus relying upon the specific situation. Holzer constrains us to examine our own conduct and consider how we have been affected and controlled. Her works are intended to make us stop and consider how we are developing socially. Holzer’s clichés â€Å"MONEY CREATES TASTE †1982† and â€Å"PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT †1985† are a piece of her 1983-85 arrangement †â€Å"Survival†. These are LED establishment pieces comprising of enormous scope text that were anticipated onto an announcement in Time s Square, New York. The engravings were brilliant, clear and threatening and associated themselves to the regular sparkle of the city. The expressions were flicked over the bustling convergence for a few seconds making a component of shock and catching the audience’s consideration. The primary focal point of these works was to offer a significant expression about the universe of publicizing and purchaser society today. Holzer’s point was to convince the crowd to delay and think about their lives. Her work underscores the thought that inside our general public, we are driven by the universe of media, accordingly creating a mass materialistic, consumerist culture. â€Å"MONEY CREATES TASTE† is just about a supplication from Holzer to remain back and survey our requirements as a culture as opposed to what we are taken care of to accept we need by the media. The utilization of this compact explanation â€Å"PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT† has given us that we are losing our personality and feeling of culture and can be controlled by the fundamental thought processes of the media. Shirin Neshat is an Iranian conceived craftsman who, after turning seventeen, moved to California to consider workmanship. In 1990 when Neshat flew back to Iran to visit her family, she was gone up against by the adjustments in culture and the restricted limitations of regular daily existence in the Islamic Republic. She was looked by an exceptionally exacting, unadulterated type of Islam presented by the Iranian government so as to eradicate Persian history. Since having lived in the two social settings of Iraq and the USA, Neshat can look at the social worries of individual creatures in an allegorical and graceful manner. She endeavors to address issues of personality, race and sex in a stunning way and plans to sabotage social generalizations and supposit ions. Her works investigate the contrasts among Islam and the West, guys and females, confinements throughout everyday life and opportunity, old and new and general society and the private areas. Neshat meant to incite inquiries among her crowd as she investigated Islam through her specialty making and remarks on issues identified with woman's rights and multiculturalism. Be that as it may, her works were not just fierce and representative; Neshat likewise gave specific consideration to style. In her 1994 print and ink, â€Å"Rebellious Silence†, Neshat delineates an Islamic, Muslim lady, shrouded in a cover holding a firearm. Her quiet face is separated by the obviousness of the cool, steel weapon and is bound with Islamic calligraphy representative of the Niqab, an increasingly extraordinary cloak that an Islamic lady must wear as it implies her submission to the male matchless quality in Islamic culture. Her garments and weapon make us question whether this lady has dismissed her compliant female job to grasp brutality. She is taking a gander at the camera and looks resolved to battle. Inquiries of thought processes emerge among the crowd. Neshat’s 1996 work â€Å"Speechless† is a high contrast photo where Neshat has decided to make herself the subject. This picture is a nearby of Neshat’s face. She looks decided and ground-breaking in any case, similar to her creation â€Å"Rebellious Silence† †her face is secured with an overlay of Islamic content. The Arabic engravings that make the shroud go about as a boundary. It represents the help of the Islamic insurgency. The visual battle among Neshat and the cloak is illustrative of the battle for opportunity and the help of religion. By putting the content all over, the body part where individuals can distinguish feelings the most, it fills in as a token of the force that religion has over ladies and the mistreatment it has towards free articulation. The weapon in the image is another juxtaposition. The lady is by all accounts holding onto the firearm as a piece of her, radiating a compromising inclination, and yet, it doesn't feel risky due to her tangled feelings: opportunity versus mistreatment. The engravings recount a man who kicked the bucket in the Iran/Iraq strife of the 1980’s. This is additionally offending to the ladies who likewise encountered this contention. Her craft doesn't oppose nor endorse of Islam, however rather urges the crowd to think about their own thoughts, suppositions and desires. He works convey both individual and passionate meanings. Wenda Gu was conceived in China and examined customary, traditional scene painting. He was utilized to encourage ink painting and in spite of the fact that he no longer practices in China, text stays integral to his work. This underlying specialized preparing has given the impetus to his most going up against pieces in which the incredible utilization of language challenges social and political conventions. â€Å"These are addressing and representative works that abuse the universal precept of masterful worth. They speak to an immediate danger to authority.† Michael Sullivan. Gu eagerly endeavors to address, in artic terms, the issue of globalism that overwhelms conversations of contemporary financial aspects, society and culture. He intends to claim not exclusively to the current populace, yet additionally to people in the future in his journey to broaden the limits of human observation, feeling and thought and express humanity’s most profound wishes and amazing dreams. Gu endeavors to bring together humankind and make an idealistic vibe inside his works. Gu attempted to rearrange the Chinese language and to urge individuals to grasp new mentalities towards their old language. He consolidates a long standing interest with traditional Chinese calligraphy with a contemporary interpretation of widespread worries that culturally diverse and ethnic limits. Gu’s work today focusses broadly on thoughts of culture and his personality and has built up an enthusiasm for real materials and understanding humankind across ethnic and national limits. Gu’s 1994-96 work â€Å"Pseudo Characters Contemplation of the world† is a progression of ink artistic creations where he utilizes conventional calligraphic styles and procedures however undermines them with turned around, topsy turvy or off base letters. The pseudo character arrangement comprises of three ink on paper looks in which he has consolidated calligraphy and scene, upsetting the shows of both, intensely misshaping imaginative custom of China

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Medical Ethics Essays - Science, Knowledge, Philosophy, Free Essays

Clinical Ethics Essays - Science, Knowledge, Philosophy, Free Essays Clinical Ethics Clinical Ethics ? Bioethics include each conceivable part of medicinal services, clinical, good, social, political, strict, legitimate and money related? (Weiss 3). This incorporates the inquiries raised by new research. It investigates the aftereffects of that exploration that is utilized on patients. It mulls over contemporary thoughts of individual flexibility and human poise. It manages development in clinical administrations accessible in the United States and the soaring expense. Bioethics additionally manages the clinical advances in innovation that has reshaped customary clinical morals. Clinical morals have changed radically over a time of years. From old edicts to new instructions, rules that give auxiliary system, great examinations that challenge that structure, or even how things are characterized in clinical morals. ?Clinical advancement goes on, and the dangers of progress must be noticed? (Leone 165). Changing occasions have thusly changed our codes of morals. There a re five old charges of morals and five new instructions of morals. These instructions originate from numerous long periods of vigorously exhorted directs from different individuals. A decree by definition is, ? ... a direct or an unequivocally informed piece with respect to guidance? (Halsey 201). The principal conventional edict is, ? Treat all human life as of equivalent worth? (Vocalist 190). This announcement is exceptionally hard to follow; practically no individual accepts this announcement entire heartedly. The announcement bodes well on paper or simply being heard, yet its application in life is practically difficult to guarantee. In contrast with the principal old ethic, the primary new ethic states, ?Recognize that the value of human life fluctuates? (Vocalist 190). This announcement considers variety and bearableness in the public eye. It gives path for somebody to state, if an individual is a vegetable, has no fundamental capacities, this person?s life is of no value any longer. Without this kind of progress in today?s propelling human advancement, it would make it morally wrong to ?reassess? (Rothstein 1698.) The following charge of old morals is, ? Never deliberately take blameless human life? (Artist 192). On the off chance that a specialist or any medicinal services proficient just remained by during the introduction of a youngster and both the kid and the mother were kicking the bucket, how could that specialist remain there and watch both the mother and the newborn child bite the dust without making some technique for move. In any case, if that doctor were to spare either understanding while at the same time giving up the life of the other, that social insurance expert would be viewed as dishonest and hated by the standard of this moral precept. In examination, the new edict states, ?Take duty regarding the outcomes of your decisions?(Singer 195). By the token of this announcement a doctor can settle on a decision dependent on his/her best ju dgment, yet; be considered responsible for their activities. This enables a specialist to utilize his/her best judgment and proficient abilities, to do what they accept is best for the patient. This announcement takes into account a person?s option to unrestrained choice, even an individual who is a Christian may all the more completely concur with this announcement only for the unadulterated explanation that they need to accept more in God?s guarantee of through and through freedom in their life. Instruction number four states,? Be productive and duplicate? (Artist 198). This scriptural order has been a piece of Christian morals for a large number of years. ? Augustine said that sex without reproduction ' transforms the wedding chamber into a massage parlor (Singer 198). A few laws in America concerning contraceptives made due until the mid-1960?s when the Supreme Court announced them intrusion of security (Madsen 325). The overhauled rule number four, ?Bring youngsters into the wo rld in particular in the event that they are needed? (Artist 199), takes into account populace control just as counteraction of kids who were rarely needed and not cherished. From 1930 when the populace was two billion to today where the populace is more than five billion and is relied upon to transcend eleven billion by the center of the following century. With these sorts of measurements changed directs, for example, this fourth one, are basic. The last of these five old rules state, ? Treat all human life as in every case more valuable than any non-human life? (Vocalist 201). On the off chance that we contrast a seriously imperfect human newborn child and a

Afffirmative action Essay Example For Students

Afffirmative activity Essay Governmental policy regarding minorities in society Thesis: Although numerous individuals accept that governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a type of prejudice, it is really used to assist minorities with discovering work in an in any case bigot world. In the United States, correspondence is a repetitive subject. It has flared into an intense good issue at pivotal phases of American history: The progressive and Jacksonian Period, and the New Deal. In every period, the authenticity of American culture is tested by some arrangement of individuals discontent with the level of balance (Verba and Orren). Following the Civil War, Congress passed various laws intended to put previous slaves on an equivalent level with white individuals. The Fourteenth Amendment made the freedmen resident and precluded states from implementing any law which removed the benefits of any resident, denying men of life, freedom, or property without fair treatment of the law, or prevented men equi valent assurance from claiming the laws. In 1875, Republican larger part in Congress, mindful that reproduction would before long end, passed a common right act to make sure about by law similarity to fairness for Black Americans (Urofsky 19). Many white Americans truly didn't care for the possibility of correspondence for the Black Freedmen. Gideon Welles, who had been winning supposition when he wrote in 1871: Thank God subjection is canceled, however the Negro isn't, and never can be the equivalent of the white man. He is of a second rate race and should consistently remain so(Urofsky 23). The Supreme Court concurred. In 1883 passed the Civil Rights act, which weakened a great part of the insurance of the Fourteenth Amendment. Equity Joseph Bradely deciphered the authorization arrangement of the correction as carefully therapeutic; congress has the ability to cure a prejudicial state law, yet couldn't find a way to shield blacks from different types of bias (Urofsky 21). Because of this choice, the central government made no move to battle bigotry in the nation until the Second World War (Urofsky 22). Since hatred kept on expanding inside the dark networks and as a result of the danger of a walk on Washington, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave an official request on June 25, 1941. This request guided African Americans to be acknowledged into work preparing programs in protection plants. The request likewise expressed that businesses holding protection agreements would not with the exception of separation. It additionally set up a reasonable business practice commissions to research charges of racial segregation. Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower kept on authorizing reasonable business enactment after Roosevelts strategies since Congress was reluctant to do as such. In 1954, the preeminent court choice Brown v. Leading group of Education constrained the two places of Congress and the official office to make some positive strides for social liberties. In January 1961, John F. Kennedy got to work. Very quickly Roy Wilkins of the NAACP called for activity to advance business open doors for African Americans. John F. Kennedy reacted with official request 10925, which made a presidential commission on equivalent business opportunity; it additionally ordered government contractual workers to make Affirmative Move to guarantee that there would be no segregation by race, statement of faith, shading or nationality. This was not the first occasion when that the administration requested it own temporary workers not exclusively to maintain a strategic distance from segregation, yet in addition to find a way to change the impacts of separation in the public eye. Now and again contractual workers were approached to pay representatives accomplishing comparative work, a similar measure of pay. Without congressional activity an official request could just keep going so long and in 1963 Kennedy made sure about section of the Equal Pay Act. The Equal Pay Act precluded businesses from paying ladies not as much as men for a similar work pay. A brief timeframe later because of the death of Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson required the section of the Civil Rights Bill as a remembrance to the late president Kennedy. Lyndon B. Johnson handily guided and extended adaptations of Kennedys proposition through the house and senate. The Civil Rights Act was marked into law July 2, 1964. Title VII of the demonstration restricted work separation dependent on race, shading, sex, and nationality; it likewise made a lasting equivalent business opportunity commission to authorize its arrangements. The demonstration likewise just because included commitments not to segregate to private representatives, worker's guilds, and administrative agencies.(Urofsky 17). In official request 11246, gave on September 24, 1965, Johnson necessitates that government contractual workers make agreed move to enroll, employ, and advance more minorities. After two years in official request 11375 Johnson added ladies to the gathering secured by past enemy of separation request (Urofsky17). Each new request was an alteration of the past one. Expanding minorities and womens opportunities to contend in the activity showcase. When Richard Nixon got to work in 1969, he asked Art Fletcher, the Assistant Secretary of Labor and a dark man himself, to figure out how to authorize the recruiting arrangements of Title VII such that it would withstand court challenge. Fletcher did, and in 1971 Nixon disclosed the Philadelphia Plan. The Philadelphia Plan made government temporary workers meet explicit numerical objectives in employing minorities. Every contractual worker was to have nine percent of its work power made up of minorities and ladies. Indeed, even with all these Executive Orders, Civil Rights Act, and Amendments passed, just a little percent of minorities held situation in the activity power. Lately, so as to battle work separation in the business showca se, the government has given a progression of official requests and has built up government financed firms to make sure about equivalent open door in the work power. Governmental policy regarding minorities in society and other official requests were made to embed qualified minorities in the activity advertise, however as of late it has been utilized to deflect work segregation from occurring. However societys perspective on Affirmative Action has been a path for the central government to support one class of individuals over another. The truth of the matter is, that so as to utilize Affirmative Action to support minorities and ladies against white guys in the work environment, employments should initially be incorporated with the two minorities and whites. For nobody can isolate apples and oranges if there are no apples! On account of Firefighters Local Union No. 1784 v. Stotts (1984). The Memphis local group of fire-fighters was found infringing upon Title VII and was under court request to employ and elevate more blacks to present appropriate reparations in light of past segregation. Afterward, foreseeing a spending deficiency, the city wanted to lay off open workers with the least position, and that activity would have for the most part influenced as of late employed dark fire fighters. Stotts, a dark fire fighter testing the proposed work force activities, got a great choice from the government court, which allowed a directive charging the Fire Department from carefully holding fast to rank in cutbacks. Thus, the association spoke to secure its status plan and white endorsers. The Burger Court turned around the lower court by deciding that in light of the fact that no purposeful separation had been demonstrated, Title VII ensures bona fid rank frameworks, and it is wrong to deny an honest representative the advantages of his status so as to pr! give a cure in an example of rehearsed segregation suit, for example, this (Janosilk 1205). So from that point o n jhgjjthe court maintained that regardless of whether an individual shows that the oppressive practice affects him/her, the court noted, he/she isn't naturally qualified for have a non minority representative laid off to account for him (Janosilk 1205). One of the most noteworthy Affirmative Action choices in work during the 1970s was United Steelworkers of America v. Weber. For this situation tan hands on Affirmative activity understanding was on the whole dealt by the Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation and the United Steel laborers of America at a plant in Gramercy, Louisiana. There were no gifted dark skilled workers at the plant, and a deliberate Affirmative Action plan was created to maintain a strategic distance from the chance of prosecution by dark representatives into the organization. Despite the fact that no past separation by the Kaiser Company had ever been demonstrated. Under the understanding, a large portion of the spaces for in-plant create preparing programs were held for dark representatives until the extent of Blacks in the nearby work power. Weber, a white denied admission to the preparation program, asserted that since this standard it set up a particular quantity, it comprised racial segregation disregarding Title VII. Title VII expresses that a business can't be ! required to give preferencetial treatment to any racial gathering as a result of a racial lopsidedness in the workforce. This case demonstrates that even it is difficult to oppress white guys on the grounds that an organization must meet a quantity. History has demonstrated that separation has and consistently will be an issue as long as society stays oblivious of its reality. Still numerous individuals accept that segregation in the working environment isn't as awful as the government officials and Service Commissions, for example, Fair Employment Practice Community and Office of Federal Contract Compliance in the Department of Labor, portray it. In Stelle v. Louisvill e Nashville Railroad, an association and a business had conceded to an agreement under which Blacks open doors for work as fire fighters had been limited. Griggs v. Duke Power Co. Dark representatives of the Duke Power Company of North Carolina expressed that workers expected to meet certain prerequisites: Employees need to have a secondary school recognition or and a satisfactory evaluation on an insight test for both new representatives and occupation moves (Janosik 1205). Much of the time these tests were utilized to get rid of any Black business opportunity, for these tests were one-sided and not sensibly identified with the capacities or abilities vital for effective execution at work. In McDonnell Douglas Corp. V. Green, The McDonnell Douglas Corp. retained a situation from Mr

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Pathophysiology of Meningitis and Encephalitis Essay -- Biology Medica

Pathophysiology of Meningitis and Encephalitis Meningitis and encephalitis are two comparable diseases of the focal sensory system that frequently lead to casualty of the host life form. The two infections happen when pathogens enter the circulation system and obtain entrance into the focal sensory system. Invigorating irritation inside the cranial pit, the pathogens proceed to increase and take destructive impacts on the host. Aggravation, the body’s reaction to disease, at last causes the entirety of the side effects and inconveniences of meningitis and encephalitis. The pathophysiology of meningitis and encephalitis helps in the clarification and comprehension of the side effects, impacts, and fundamental plans of the two diseases. Meningitis is the irritation of the meninges, layers that encase the mind and spinal line. In spite of the fact that meningitis can result from protozoal or contagious contaminations, microscopic organisms and infections normally cause the regularly deadly sickness. Known for its abrupt beginning of influenza like indications, the contamination quickly advances into a horrifying course of high fever, chills, sickness, heaving, light affectability, purpura (dull stains of the skin brought about by seeping underneath the skin), and perhaps seizures. In serious instances of meningitis, appendages or limits must be severed because of the presence of purpura. Viral meningitis, the most widely recognized type of the sickness, frequently settle itself without treatment inside a couple of days. Be that as it may, bacterial meningitis, to some degree uncommon in the United States however wild in West Africa, requires prompt consideration so as to forestall casualty. The microbes that cause meningitis incorporate Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus agalactiae, and Listeria monocytogenes. The seriousness of the body’... ...ia Britannica Online. 20 July 2006 . â€Å"Meningitis.† Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. 20 July 2006. MediaWiki. 21 July 2006 . Patel, Mahesh R. â€Å"Herpes Encephalitis.† E Medicine. 2006. Wellbeing on the Net Foundation. 24 July 2006 . Phillips, Elizabeth J. what's more, Andrew E. Simor. â€Å"Bacterial Meningitis in Children and Adults.† Postgraduate Medicine Online. 1998. 23 July 2006 . â€Å"Photobia.† Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. 20 July 2006. MediaWiki. 21 July 2006 . Sande, Merle An., Arnold L. Smith, and Richard K. Root. Bacterial Meningitis. New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1985. 6 â€Å"Viral Encephalitis.† Better Health Channel. 2005. State Government Victoria. 23 July 2006 . 7

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Essay Sample Where do I see myself in 5 years

Essay Sample Where do I see myself in 5 years Where do I see myself in 5 years? This is a hard question because no one can know the exact answer to it. From the early childhood, I had a dream to open a flower shop and make people happy with the wonderful bouquets. I thought that it will be very easy to be an owner of something like this. Yet, when I grew up, I understood that such a simple idea to become successful, needs a lot of things, like good education, successful business plan, and many other things. Studying at school, I tried to consider all of the opportunities in order to decide what will be the best for me. It is quite surprising, but I have noticed many different opportunities to disclose my talents and become successful in the flower business. I know that a lot of things can change through five years, but I know what future I want for myself. I think that as most of the people in this world I want to have a successful education, good job, and happy family. Right now I’m a second-year student at a college, and the first task I need to accomplish is to graduate it successfully. Economics department will help me to become a successful business woman. I hope that after graduating, I won’t only have good knowledge about business and marking, but also I will be acquainted with a great number of people who understand me and can help to make my future business successful. Apart from studying at economics department, I plan to attend floristic courses, in order to become a real specialist in this sphere. I don’t know yet, but I think that I also may need to attend design or painting courses. It isn’t something necessary for a florist, but I think that will be very useful for me. I will help to develop my artistic skills and my vision of beauty. As for me, to open a good flower shop will be a problem right after graduation. I completely understand that without relevant experience, it is a very complicated task for any person. For this reason, I have a desire to become a worker of some flower shop or flower corporation. The second variant is even better. A couple of years of such experience will be very useful for me because I will have a chance to get to know the peculiarities of this business. Competition in this business is quite tough, and it is essential to know as much information as possible. Apart from this, a good job will help to gather some sum of money on developing my future shop. However, education and business isn’t everything that I want to have in five years. The question of the family is also quite important for me. I clearly understand that it can’t be planned beforehand, but I hope that I will have a boyfriend, or fiancé, or even husband, who will be on my side. It is much easier to overcome different obstacles when there is a person, who you can trust and who can support you in any complicated situation. Yet, I think that a five-year period isn’t enough to have a baby. I think that I will need more time to deal with this question. I hope that the next five years will be very productive for me in personal, education, and business spheres. However, I clearly understand that my plans can change because of some unpredictable things. The most important thing is that I’m ready to overcome obstacles, challenge myself, and meet new people without fear, and I will do everything possible to become successful and happy.

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Stressing About College A Cautionary Tale

I have a tale to tell, and it’s not a happy one. I’ve always been a pretty focused kid. I realized in seventh grade how important it was to go to a good college. I distinctly remember sitting on a train in New Mexico with my grandparents. I had my new Nook Color with me, and I was trying to find a book to read. While I was browsing the store, I stumbled upon a book called, â€Å"Get Into Any College.† I thought that book would be an ego-raising kind of experience. My seventh grade self thought, What more is there to getting into college than being a good student and having good grades? Well, I read the book, and I was horrified. It contained profiles of kids applying to colleges. Long story short, I took that book out of context. I became convinced that I had to be some well-rounded academic whiz to get into college. I suppose that I felt college was the only way to secure a good future for myself. I thought that if I didn’t go to a good college, then I would be a failure. And being an impressionable seventh grader with no idea of what the world truly is, I fell in love with this idea. To be melodramatic, it became a dream I fell so hopelessly in love with and a nightmare I couldn’t wake myself up from. I suppose my high school years don’t come as much of a surprise then. I agonized over school work and carefully chose my extracurricular activities. Talk about a lot of pressure. By my junior year, I was unhappy. I spent too many hours thinking about college and my future and agonizing over every detail. I felt as though I had a burden looming over my shoulders, about to crush me. Take this as a cautionary tale. By this point, it was difficult to separate my very identity from the idea of college. The two were so intricately linked that I undermined my character for the preposterous, overvalued idea of a prestigious undergraduate education. I say this with the utmost shame: I sacrificed my integrity, humility, and decency as a human being for an acceptance letter. For the past year, I have been struggling to play catch-up. Laugh at my story. Belittle my melodrama. The point is, college has become more than an institution or a place where you go after high school. It has become a manifestation of success, almost a rite of passage. We’ve spent too much time preparing ourselves to score an acceptance letter and not enough time preparing ourselves for what really matters. What really matters, you ask? The truth is, I’m still trying to figure that out. But I know it’s much greater than an acceptance letter.